Wednesday 23 April 2014

Old Lloyd's of London Building, Leadenhall St EC3

The old Lloyd's of London building was designed by the Imperial architect Sir Edwin Cooper in 1925, but the entrance facade is the only part to remain. At the top, the pediment is filled with a dramatic sculpture by Charles Doman representing Lloyd's insurance interests.
At the centre is a globe, circled at the equator by the signs of the zodiac. Leaning against it are a man representing shipping (the prow of a Greek galley can be seen behind him) and a woman representing commerce, with the British lion behind. At the man's feet is a wise old owl and a hive of industry is at the woman's.

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Cascadian said...

The pediment is an excellent piece of work, with much attention to detail. It is surprising therefore that the globe is so poorly rendered, the land masses look like they were carved by a four-year-old.