Saturday, 26 April 2014

4 Fenchurch Avenue EC3

There are two almost notable things about the bland, characterless stone-faced block that occupies the corner of Fenchurch Avenue and Lime Street: the date (1939-40, when building in London was going on average into reverse) and these very odd sailing ships that dot the facade.
Question: Are they sailing east or west?

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Alan Burkitt-Gray said...

It's not unknown for building projects that had started in the late 1930s to have been taken to completion in 1940. Remember the blitz didn't start till Sept 1940.

The Bakerloo line extension from Baker Street (the Jubilee line since 1977) was completed after the war started, as I think were parts of the Northern line extension. The Central line extension, east of Liverpool Street, was further from completion, so became an underground factory (and air-raid shelter) for the duration.