Friday, 18 April 2014

Museum of London, London Wall EC2

John Wesley's conversion was one of the seminal moments in English Protestantism, and is commemorated in several places including a plaque close to the site of 28 Aldersgate, where it actually happened, and this 1981 memorial close by, next to the Museum of London.
Designer Martin Ludlow created a huge sheet of paper with Wesley's diary entry for May 24, 1738 in which he describes being called by haphazard verses from the Bible that he heard during the day, and feeling his 'heart strangely warmed' at a meeting in the evening. He went on to change the world.
The text is cast in Caslon Old Face, nowadays almost unused but a particular favourite of mine. The reason is that the typefounder William Caslon was one of the three people who printed and published Wesley's Journal - their names are on the reverse.

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