Sunday, 28 June 2015

Park Lane W1

Dunamis was created in 2013 by the Lebanese-born, London-based sculptor Bushra Fakhoury.
According to the artist “It symbolizes human struggle to achieve excellence, pushing boundaries to make the impossible possible. We need to prioritise, work positively, and relentlessly towards reaching our goals, and dreams. Holding the elephant in a high position gives homage to the traits that we share and gradually forget, such as family ties, solidarity, compassion and cooperation. The ‘pointy hat’ represents the knowledge and power through the ages. We may not have the extraordinary memory of the elephant, but we need to remember to support the survival of the endangered species."
Dunamis in ancient Greek philosophy is the contrast between potentiality and actuality, as developed by Aristotle. Things have potentiality that is realised by change, thus achieving actuality. Or something like that. It is all a bit airy-fairy but was important in medieval theology, only being more or less abandoned when Newton's laws of motion put the whole thing in mathematical terms. Dunamis now survives in the word 'dynamic'.

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