Thursday 7 August 2014

Bermondsey Health Centre, Grange Road SE1

Bermondsey Health Centre is a classic Moderne style building with Art Deco flourishes (look at those vertical streaks of glass to either side). It was built in 1936 by Henry Tansley, who also designed the Town Hall on the other side of Spa Gardens in a Greek Revival style that could not be a greater contrast.
The Family Group on the facade was carved by Allan Howes, a follower of Eric Gill. A mother holds her baby on her arm while patting the head of her little boy. A charming, rather majestic and unsentimental group.


Hels said...

I love the Deco windows, Deco sculpture, Deco roof line and porch, but it doesn't look exactly like my notion of a health centre. Is that how this building originally started life?

Chris Partridge said...

It was indeed built as the health centre. It is an interesting contrast with the nearby town hall, which I will post soon.