Thursday, 12 June 2014

199 Bishopsgate EC2

This cheeky girl sketched out in painted steel lines stands high outside Broadgate, commissioned by the developers from artist Bruce McLean in 1993. He calls it Eye-I, which sounds a bit like the comment of a policeman inquiring what a girl like her is doing hanging round on the street at that time of night.
Bruce McLean was born in Glasgow, studied in the School of Art there and then at St Martin's, where he was taught by Antony Caro. He reacted against his teacher by making sculpture from rubbish.

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The Duke of Waltham said...

It took me forever to find the girl in the image! (And I'm still not sure I have.) Had the description not mentioned what the sculpture is intended to represent, I would have never found it. I'm not saying modern art is bad, mind you (a tired argument as much as a silly one), and this one looks colourful and interesting enough to brighten its location even without necessarily making sense.