Sunday, 25 August 2013

St Alban, Brooke Street EC1

Hans Feibusch was the Church of England's favourite artist in the post-war years. Not only was he a convert from Judaism, his art had been given the ultimate political seal of approval by inclusion in the Nazi's infamous exhibition of Degenerate Art in 1937.
So when William Butterfield's flamboyantly Victorian church of St Alban was restored after bomb damage, Feibusch was a shoe-in for the decorative commissions. He painted a masterly vision of the Trinity in Glory on the east wall of the chancel, and in 1985 added this aspiring portrait of Jesus being Raised from the Dead. You can feel the energy and joy.
While you are here, pop round the corner and take a look at a rather nice majolica Virgin and Child in the inner courtyard. And, of course, go and see the mural inside the church.

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