Friday, 8 March 2013

Edinburgh Gate SW1

Behind Epstein's Pan-piping sunseekers an art work has been slipped in that is almost invisible most of the time. It is a pair of gates by Wendy Ramshaw, the noted jeweler and gates specialist.
The main gates swing on posts in the middle of the road, closing against smaller gates across the pavements.
When the gates are open, everyone shoots past without pausing to look. When they are closed, they are hidden down a blind alley. They must be the only art works designed to be overlooked.
Did Wendy Ramshaw subconsciously realise this when she was designing them? They are not her most characteristic work. Usually, she arranges gates to form new patterns when they overlap, but here she seems not to have done so. Which is a pity as they spend most of their time folded together.

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