Friday, 16 July 2010

Victoria Palace Theatre, Victoria Street SW1

I have been given a great advance birthday present - a Fujifilm Finepix HS10 with a 30x zoom.
This brings even the most skyward sculpture within range. To give an idea, here is yet another pic of the statue of Pavlova on the Victoria Palace, which is the highest statue I can see as I emerge from the station. Unfortunately, the day was grey and threatening rain so quality is not as good as it might be.
The statues at the base of the cupola are made of Gibbs & Canning's white faience, so it is probable they were created by the company's chief modeller John Evans.
The one on the left holds a cornucopia o'erflowing with fruit'n'veg, and points upward to the prima ballerina. The one on the right brandishes a palm in her right hand and holds a lute rather awkwardly with her left, strumming with her thumb.


SilverTiger said...

Congratulations on your new camera. If the present images are anything to go by, you will be able to do a fine job with it.

I look forward to seeing more exemplars here but, above all, hope that you will have great enjoyment using it.

Jane said...

Blimey that's a big one!!
jkes aside, you will have great fun with that camera... but on the downside, believe me that it will make you want to go and re-take everything in your archive...!

ChrisP said...

You are so right, Jane. There are several duff ones I will be revisiting soon.