Tuesday, 20 April 2010

144 New Bond Street W1

 When the extremely upper class art dealers Colnaghi built a new gallery in 1911 they initially employed a member of a dynasty of dull architects called Ridge, but sacked him in the early stages of construction and brought in Lanchester & Rickards. They designed a new facade in a chic continental style, and got their regular sculptor Henry Poole to put a lovely porcelain doll above the front door.
She is the Goddess of Painting - the palette she is holding is a symbol of authority rather than a tool of her trade, as she has no brushes, paints or canvas.
Behind her is a flourish of anemones, symbol of love and loss; a jar (which Poole has signed); a fan with a small pot and a watch to remind us that life is short but art lives on.


Anonymous said...

A beautiful building and a beautiful piece of sculpture. The owners obviously made the right decision in changing architects.

Iain Robinson said...

Very interesting post, and lovely sculpture. She's a bit like an art critic...she talks a good painting, but doesn't have the wherewithal to make one herself.