Wednesday, 24 March 2010

138 New Bond Street W1

New Bond Street seems to have gone all nautical at one time. This splendid vessel looks like a 3rd or 4th rate ship of Nelson's time. She is portrayed as realistically as possible given the limitations of the medium, but there is no indication of which ship is portrayed. It looks a bit out of place on this late 20th century shop - was it transferred from the previous building?


Anonymous said...

Delightfully detailed. The sails full and the flags flowing. Isn't it interesting that the wind is blowing from both directions! It reminds me of the trivia about Garbo's great film Queen Christina. As she stands a la Leo and Kate in Titanic, the wind blowing her hair off her face, but if the wind were truly coming from the front of the ship, it wouldn't be sailing out of port!

Anonymous said...

But where is it? The originally cited location in Ealing is incorrect.

Chris Partridge said...

Thanks for pointing that out - don't know why it was placed in Ealing. It is now correct (I hope).