Saturday, 14 June 2008

Eagle House, Jermyn Street

I love this eagle, although it looks more like an owl. Perhaps it is an eagle owl.
He stands on top of Eagle House, a block of serviced offices just behind Waterstones (nee Simpsons). It was built some time between the wars in a timid, bland 'don't frighten the horses' sort of Art Deco, but right at the top where he knows no one will notice, the architect has placed this monstrous bird, perching on the parapet, waiting to pounce.


CarolineLD said...

I'll look out for this next time I'm there - I'd never noticed it before. I agree that it looks like an owl, though!

Ron Combo said...

I worked in Jermyn Street for years and never saw him. Just goes to show - look up, not down!
Nice blog.