Tuesday 19 November 2013

61 Kings Cross Road WC1

This oddity seems to be all that is left of Bagnigge House, in the 17th century the country home, it is said, of Nell Gwynne. It became resort for Londoners, later becoming famous as Bagnigge Wells when mineral springs were discovered, where "both the chalybeate and purging waters are in the greatest perfection ever known, and may be drank at 3d. each person, or delivered at the pump-room at 8d. per gallon. They are recommended by the most eminent physicians for various disorders," as the proprietor bragged.
Bagnigge House was next to the "Pinder a Wakefield", a famous inn. A pinder was the keeper of a pound where stray animals were held, and the Pinder of Wakefield was the truculent hero who bested Robin Hood, Will Scarlet and Little John in a sword fight.
The place declined sadly in Victorian times and was built over in the 1850s. The plaque used to stand on a garden entrance.

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