Monday 2 May 2011

Five Kings House, Queen Street Place EC4

Five Kings House was originally the northern end of Thames House, built for Liebig's Extract of Meat Company by Stanley Hamp in 1911, but was divided off in 1990.

The grand entrance on the corner with Upper Thames Street is enlivened by a pair of figures by George Duncan Macdougald, who mainly did portrait busts.
The male figure on the left has winged feet so must be Mercury. He seems to be grasping something, and there is a pair of holes in the wall opposite, so did he originally have a bronze caduceus?
The female figure is wearing (well, almost wearing) a hood but it is unclear what she represents.
A carved coat of arms over the door includes the head of a steer so it must be that of the Liebig company.
Above, a pair of charming putti with harebell hats hold a shield.

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