Tuesday 1 February 2011

Dolphyn Court, Great Turnstile WC2

As you approach the dreary alleyway dignified by the name Great Turnstile, wondering vaguely about the risk of being mugged, it is easy to miss the lovely bronze dolphin springing into the air in front of the dull grey facade of Dolphyn Court (built in 1986 by Michael Aukett Associates, designers of many a Tesco).
It's when you pass beneath and it is sillouetted against the sky that its beauty becomes apparent, especially if the sky is bright and blue.
A stone plaque records that it is the work of Annabel Richter Pentncy, and was added in 1989.

This uplifting piece has inexplicably disappeared, leaving only a small mark on the wall where the support pad was. The Mary Ward Settlement, which now owns the building, did not respond to a request for information about the dolphin's fate. Does anybody know where it went?

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