Monday, 27 September 2010

111 Strand WC2

This plain but quite elegant building was designed by Michael Squire & Partners in 2001, and constructed with load-bearing panels. The sculpture is by artists Langlands & Bell, who specialise in this sort of thing.
I like it. It is a map of the surrounding streets - the building itself is at the intersection of the second and third panels up. 
I've tried to match the pattern with a map and aerial photography from Google, but of course it is distorted by the camera angle from the street. Interestingly, the aerial photo fits the pattern much better than the map - perhaps the camera angle from the plane was similar.
The artists themselves describe the work as "a vector of cityscape. An axial section of the locality rising perpendicular to the ground in the form of a block and street plan in low relief. The city is upended and “re-presented” as a view from above on 5 storey's [sic] of the buildings [sic] facade."
More evidence that artists should let their work speak for itself - it is usually so much more articulate. 


Ron Combo said...

Another gem. Thank you.

Hope Wolf said...

This is a fascinating find! I'm working on a King's College London project which explores the Strand area: I've walked past this building most days, and it never struck me that the inscription was a map! If you fancy posting this on the Strandlines site, you'd be very welcome. I love the Halifax posting too.

Anonymous said...

You should look inside the reception area easily seen from the street.

There is a stunning wall mounted sculpture by Robert Erskine FRBS, a fragment of a passing crowd taken from outside 111 Strand.

Chris Partridge said...

Thanks for the tip, Anon. I'll pop in and take a pic next time I'm going down the Strand.