Saturday, 7 February 2009

Guy's Hospital SE1

Russell Bowes has sent pictures of three charming panels in a wrought iron fence at Guy's Hospital. Designed by David James and made by Chris Butcher, they illustrate the hospital motto Dare Quam Accipere (It is better to give than to receive).
The first shows a patient who has been given so many grapes they have taken root in the bedside cabinet. The next has symbols of the gifts of the staff, with hands of sympathy at the centre, an hour glass for the time they offer and a microscope for scientific knowledge. The medicinal herbs are basil, thyme and rosemary.
The last panel is Sir Thomas Guy, the bookseller and share speculator who built and endowed the hospital. He is an interesting example for our own times - he invested heavily in the South Sea Company but sold his stock at the top of the market for up to £600 a share, thus coming out of the legendary smash with enough money to build a hospital.
Thanks Russell!

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