Monday, 24 November 2008

Marble Arch (north side)

The sculptured panels on the north and south sides of Marble Arch (1825) form an interesting contrast. E.H. Baily did the south side, and they are competent but static and uninspired. Sir Richard Westmacott did a much livelier job on the north.
To the right (above), Peace stands on discarded instruments of War of an antique nature including armour, pikes and a very nasty-looking poleaxe. Two little boys are twirling a cloak round her, creating an animated swirling motion.
On the left (below), a trio of girls represents the Union. Miss England, wearing Britannia's helmet, is flanked by Miss Ireland with her harp and Miss Scotland with St Andrew's shield. It is the way Scotland is turning on her heel, with her hand on England's shoulder, that adds vitality to the group.

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