Saturday 5 July 2008

Lancaster Gate Thistle Hotel, Bayswater Road

The old Lancaster Gate Thistle Hotel is being converted into flats by developer Northacre, who have put one of their signature hoardings in front of the site. It's a long line of huge imitation pencils with assorted slogans, sayings, wise saws and modern instances printed along them like those freebies you get for signing up with a bank. It's great.
My personal favourites are new versions of the alphabet that traditionally goes:
A for 'orses
B for mutton
C for thighlanders
D for dumb
E for brick
F for vescent
and so on.
The new ones include:
L for Goblin
M for size
N for lope
O for hers.
I frankly don't understand some of them. What on earth does 'K for Bantu' mean? Answers in the comment section, please.


Philip Wilkinson said...

'K for a Bantu' I think means 'Kaffir or Bantu'. The former word being a term for Bantu-speaking tribes of Southern Africa, although it's most often used derogatorily these days and if it was spelled out would probably cause all kinds of protest.

Chris Partridge said...

That must be right, thanks Philip. Edgy...

UdyRegan said...

This is the reason why I do not fully appreciate arts, or ‘cannot’ is the more accurate term. It is not because I do not find it interesting but it is because of the fact that I do not understand it to a certain extent. Arts have always been showcased in a vague form and it takes an artistic mind to figure out what message the display is trying to convey across to the target audience. I have come across a few exhibits here in Perth and I have yet to fully figure them out.